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ICUPISAn intensive care information system has numerous advantages. It enables all the patients' data to be collected at a single point where can be accessible from anywhere. The automatic acquisition of data reduces human error, while computerized physician order entry limit errors in administering medication. Thanks to computerized data and the appropriate software we can have diagnosis optimization and follow-up of treatments.

Being convinced about the benefits of such information system, the ICU of University Hospital of Heraklion, proceeded with implementation of its own intensive care unit patient information system (ICUPIS©). The system was implemented as a tool to boost ICU workflow and help clinicians respond more quickly to patient's medical events at any time and from any physical location.

At the current stage ICUPIS automates and integrates documentation across intensive care unit, admissions, and laboratories. ICUPIS can be configured to provide doctors and nurses gain integrated access from additional internal systems such as physiological monitors, devices, lab results and other hospital-based systems.

By improving data quality, ICUPIS enhances decision support and patient assessment, offering intensivists more up-to-date, comprehensive and usable information through enhanced data presentations. Drawing from a wider range of sources for greater continuity of data, offering graphical displays, summaries, alerts and other advanced capabilities is a valuable tool in the hands of critical care physicians to help them in their diagnostic and treatment choices.

ICUPISIt eliminates inefficiencies associated with paper records and saves clinicians' valuable time spent searching for records, requesting information, entering data, and performing administrative tasks. And in the ICU, where the cost of complications is high, clinicians and their patients stand to benefit from every moment refocused on actual patient care. Using ICUPIS to consolidate and manage information, physicians and nurses can monitor and treat more patients more efficiently.

ICUPIS transforms the critical care processes with precise patient monitoring, clinical alerts and reminders, automated clinical calculations and list of medicines to be administered.

ICUPIS provides:
  • Flow sheets (hemodynamics, vital signs, catheters, intake and output fluids, respiratory monitoring, etc) that easily capture and present patient data;
  • Clinical notes and medical instructions which automatically transformed to infusion, medication and nutrition flow sheets.
  • Summary screens that present patient data in table and/or graphs.
  • Scores (GCS, Apache, MODS, SAPS II, CAM-ICU, CPIS, NCIS, RASS, CPOT, etc).
  • Ability to extract data for conducting clinical researches.
  • Ease of access. Physicians and nurses can access ICUPIS on the floors, at bedside, from the office, or from home from any personal computer via a web browser.
  • Easy customization that allows to be used by other hospital departments also.
  • Ability to use it with touch screen medical grade computers.
  • Open architecture which in combination with Mirth Connect and HL7 allows for easy communication-integration with other hospital information systems.
  • Cross platform independence (Windows or Linux).

Legible, real-time, complete and accessible documentation are just some of the reasons that led to the choice of leaving the paper behind and implement the electronic medical record.

Being an intuitive documentation tool to capture fast and easy all critical patient data, ICUPIS is a specifically-designed intensive care information system that enables improvement of patient care in any hospital's intensive care unit.

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